This show is for anyone who is interested to hear and possibly learn from an embedded engineer turn contractor that occasional is joined by guests. Theme-wise, it's Embedded electronics with a bias to robotics and humour.

**Warning, this show is essentially Ronald's logbook and just like anyone new to the world of logbooks, the ration between doodles and graph will eventually settle to a nice stable balance. Until then hang on for the ride because this might will be bumpy.

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#8 – Maintaining multiple version of the same firmware

31st March 2017

#7 – Antoher day in the office

3rd February 2017

6# – Captain’s log, stardate 0603~ish

8th December 2016

#5 – What scares me on Halloween? Patents!

30th October 2016

#4 – Are you sure this is an intro to image processing?

14th October 2016

#3 – How long will it take you to design a line following robot?

7th October 2016

#2 – Running a contract business is hard

29th September 2016

#1 – Not Yet Defined

22nd September 2016

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