Please, No recruiting agencies.

After fours years of contract work (and the occasional consultation work), I’ve finally reach the point where I need start bringing in other contractors to help with some of the work that we do here.

Right now, I’m only looking to offload some of the smaller jobs that we have which are likely to be from very different types of projects (see below). I’m hoping that when things are running smoothly (and the trust levels are high) then I’ll move on to handing over larger parts of the projects or even the full work. That said, this will be completely dependent on the type of projects that you can work on and how much of those projects types I can land.

One issue I do have is that some of my clients require that I physically meet with them and even in some cases work at their offices. That said, I don’t expect or want to impose that on you so with that in mind I’m mostly looking for contracts that work remotely. To be honest, even if you live in the same city that we operate I will still need you to be working from your own office/lab/home because I don’t really have the space nor do I have the spare equipment to lend out.

With regard to the types of project that you could be working on, I do a lot of work in both web development and Electronics projects. They can be anywhere from deploying a full blown eCommerce (magento) site to writing firmware for a low power BLE ATEX device.

I don’t think I need to spell this out, but I’m looking for a freelancer and/or contractor who is happy to work from home (who isn’t?) and have all the require software/tools to carry out the work. That been said, I do understand that its pretty hard for you to know what you need to do the work without more information on the projects but I figured I can give you more information once we get passed the initial contact.

Job Types

Don’t worry if you can’t work on all the Jobs types listed below. I’m only looking to find someone that can at least work on some aspect of of them which will allow me to work on the rest. For example, if you only want to work on embedded firmware then that fine with me. Anything is better than nothing :D.

This is slightly out of date but here’s an old document with the summary of my skills that I used to hand out to agencies (really bad idea!). This document has more info on some of the tools, and skills that you might need for some of the jobs listed below.

I mostly develop in Linux and occasionally dip into Window when needed to (Fusion 360 and Easy-PCB). This is because I wanted to make sure that the tools that I use are at the very least free to use by my clients and anyone else who want to work along side me. So it probably going to make it easier for you if you are or are willing to use linux for the development environment.


Web development

Quick note:

You probably noticed, but in case its not obvious, I haven’t listed any types of degree or diploma requirements (or anything similar) because I don’t see the benefits of adding that as a requirements. I’m more interested on that person’s skills (for example, problem solving) rather than how they gained those skills. So if you got any examples of your work then that will beat anything else.

Hourly Rates & Fixed cost

I know this is usually the hardest part of contract work. The truth is that we all want to make money and it shouldn’t be something to be a shamed about. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with clients and other contractors who have been quite open on how much the make verse how much they can pay you. That said, I’ve also worked with client who will keep a lot of the information locked down.

To me, I rather be on the open side of things. Especially when you consider that many of the jobs that I want to offload already have rates associated with them so I don’t really want to hide that from you.

Unfortunately, I do have some projects that are on a fixed cost agreement which could make them tricky to split so for these we will need to make sure if you want to take them on that their cost aren’t exceeded.

Get in touch.

Whether you have an existing project that you need help with or if you want us to take care of the whole design process, we are happy to talk to you about your project and see if we can help. At the very least we should be able to point you in the right direction.

Comments or questions are welcome.